Let’s dig in to (405) Brewing

“Built By Hand” – you’ll find this saying on each bottle. Step into the brewhouse in Norman and find it void of fancy buttons, switches, and pretty stainless. Brewing it taken seriously a form of art. The three vessel brewhouse is comprised of reclaimed and repurposed stainless vessels. Each vessel was rescued from the milk industry graveyards of Wisconsin and repurposed by hand. Bags of grain are opened and mashed by hand. Their process is hands on and labor intensive, and the beer is an expression of creativity.

Project Brewing:

The terms “craft”, “micro”, and “artisan” are associated with some of the greatest American breweries. (405) dabbles (quite successfully) in project brewing. They decided that they don’t want to be tied down to brewing one beer. Although they now have a “flagship” beer in GFS” (Grapefruit Sour), it was never the goal to set one beer ahead of another – you’ve got to give the people what they want! They’ll continue to bring new beers to consumers each year with an emphasis on seasonal flavors. They’ve got a lime tart brewing for OCBF!

(405) follows a simple philosophy (Those easily offended need not read further):

“FDR” – Fuck the Damn Rules

FDR is their approach to brewing beer. They don’t adhere to most  “guidelines” or “styles” commonly affiliated with beer.

FDR, the beer, is a coffee Imperial Stout brewed with four different types of chocolate malts. They incorporate locally roasted Mariposa Coffee extracted french press style.