Vanessa House Beer Company

Last year, among the lineup of breweries in planning you couldn’t miss Vanessa House Beer Company. With five guys packed in behind the table wearing gray and yellow logoed t-shirts, pouring from action figure tap handles, they stood out from the crowd. Their enthusiasm drew us in!

They reminisce on the festival and recall feelings of nervousness. There were confident in the product, though slightly intimidated. When the doors opened and the first session began, this melted away as they engaged with craft beer fans and nerded out with other brewers. The face to face interaction and real-time feedback was thrilling.

The guys were well on their way to the market when they attended the festival, but that weekend opened up many doors. The early introduction gave them an edge when they launched in October 2016. The loyal following that kept coming back to their table during OCBF came to their various launch parties across the state and were first in line as they hit liquor store shelves. Understanding the complex laws and ever-changing laws proved to be a challenge. Their persistence paired with enthusiasm fueled them on their way and into the eager hands of consumers.

VHBC is excited to be over with the big dog brewers this year, but walk away from the breweries in planning category with humility. “For us, we have put so many of the local breweries on a pedestal. To now feel like you belong in that group takes some adjusting, but we are getting there,” says Zac. They are feeling confident and accomplished and can’t wait for the Oklahoma Craft Beer Festival! Be sure to stop by, say hello and congratulate them. Like we said, you really can’t miss them.

Vanessa House Team

The Vanessa House five consists of childhood friends – Andrew, Justin, Zac, and Evan who later met Nick while attending the University of Oklahoma. During college they all gathered in a house on Vanessa Drive where many beers were had, but the brewing didn’t start until after college. Each of the guys have a unique role within the brewing company, but they all share the responsibility of quality control and product testing.