Get to know Angry Scotsman Brewing

After emigrating to the U.S. from Scotland for graduate school in Miami, Florida, owner / head-brewer Ross Harper soon found himself accepting a job with a tech company in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

In need of a new hobby and still coming to terms with the state of the craft beer scene at the time, he took up home-brewing in 2005 and hasn’t looked back. After pro-am collaborations with COOP Aleworks and Roughtail, the vision for Angry Scotsman’s downtown taproom became clear in 2012, although it took the liquor law change in 2016 for plans to get rolling. Angry Scotsman first poured in the Breweries in Planning section of OCBF in 2016 with a banner boldly claiming “Coming to OKC in 2017.” By the following year’s OCBF, Angry Scotsman was mere weeks away from announcing their downtown location. They officially hit the market in October 2017, brewing through the Brewers Union cooperative. Angry Scotsman is proud to graduate to the OK Pro Brewers section for OCBF 2018.